At The Cleaner’s Coach, we help professionals in the cleaning and restoration industry become more successful. We do this by teaching and inspiring entrepreneurs and their teams in this challenging and rewarding field. Our exceptional 'hands-on' style classes and training are tailored to the unique needs of the cleaning and restoration professional. We are dedicated to helping you succeed through education. Every great champion has a coach!

Education Coordinator

Joanna DeLoatch

IICRC Certified in WRT, AMRT, FSRT, CCT, OCT, EPA Lead RRP certified

IICRC Instructor

Bruce DeLoatch

IICRC Certified Master Water Restorer, Master Fire & Smoke Restorer, Master Textile Cleaner, EPA Lead RRP Instructor

Why attend our AMRT (mold) class?

Our Instructor, Peter Sierck, has run a successful Environmental Testing & Consulting company for over 30 years as well as being involved in writing the IICRC S550 Mold Standard, the S500 Water Standard, as well as other published documents. He has served on a IAQA committee and was elected Director of Education for CFI. He is a Registered Environmental Assessor in California as well as a licensed Mold Assessor in the State of Florida. The list goes on and on... AND, he's an absolutely fabulous instructor. You'll be glad you came!

THE MOST 'hands-on' training EVER!

Looking for a great learning experience?

Tons of 'hands-on' training in a fun & fulfilling atmosphere

that will keep you coming back for more!

CDS-Commercial Drying Specialist course

Learn from the best!

Our Instructor Mickey Lee was involved in writing the IICRC S500 Water Damage Standard as well as the IICRC Commercial Drying Specialist course creation. With over 40 years in commercial drying projects, he IS the expert and is happy to share his wealth of knowledge in drying commercial projects. Mickey's one of the most 'down to earth' great instructors our there. You'll just love him!

What happy students say about us...

Bruce was simply amazing!! He is so knowledgeable and an outstanding instructor. He made this class so much more fun than I ever could of imagined. Each day I felt more and more confident in what I was learning! He is willing to spend time after class if you need help which I thought was very selfless of him. The fun twists he puts on every subject really helps the material stick in your brain. Very genuine, smart and caring guy, not to mention... the man KNOWS HIS STUFF! 100% would recommend everyone have him as an instructor at some point in your career!


Bruce Deloatch is very knowledgeable of the subject related to the WRT course. He gets the students involved in discussions that make the learning experience fun and exciting. I look forward to my next class with "The Coach".


Absolutely fantastic!!!!! Informative, well explained, easy to follow. Best trainer I have had in the 25 yrs I’ve been in this industry- give him a huge raise!


My Instructor was top notch. He knew his information very specifically and was easy and open to questions and remedies. I whole heartedly would suggest this class to anyone who is a beginner or a professional. I can tell you that even the most experienced out there can learn important things to take away with you. I look forward to take classes in the future from this Instructor.