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EPA Lead RRP Course

EPA Lead RRP Course

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Class cost: $295.00
CLASS LOCATION: 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071
TEST FEE: EPA is included, GA requires additional fees to be mailed
CLASS TIME: 8am to 5pm








Instructor: Bruce DeLoatch

CLASS LOCATION: 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071

Are YOU in compliance or will you be fined $37,500?
It IS the law!

The EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule requires contractors, 'subs', renovators, painters, electricians, plumbers, restoration contractors, roofers, window installers, property managers & staff..... and anyone else that disturbs lead based paint to be RRP certified. If you are 'disturbing' more than 6 sq.ft of the interior of a home or child-occupied structure or 20 sq. ft.of the exterior of the structure built before 1978. Why?
Due to the fact that many homes before that date contain lead-based paint, the EPA has made in a law that requires testing to see if these structures contain lead-based paint. Ignore it and the fines are $37,500 per day, per occurrence. The dangers of lead poisoning are very real. There are proven health risks to the people that live there as well as you & your family you take the contaminated lead dust home to. It is now law you and you are required to perform 'lead-safe' work practices in and on these homes.
Training is easy. It's one day.
The test for certification is 25 questions, multiple choice.
Our training has lots of 'hands-on' so you know how to safely test for lead paint and to perform 'lead -safe' work practices.
* The Cleaner's Coach is an approved training partner of the Enviro Ed and teaches the Lead renovator technicians class under their EPA accreditation.

Cancellation policy:
Full refund if canceled more than 30 days from class date. If less than 30 days, you may move to the next class, apply tuition to any class of choice, or switch to another student to attend and no cancellation fees will apply

On extremely rare occasions a class may need to be rescheduled. Some courses require minimum attendance, instructors may have emergencies, get sick, or other circumstances beyond our control. The Cleaner's Coach does not accept responsibility for any losses you might incur. We recommend you purchase refundable or flexible airline tickets. We will notify you in the event that a class you've registered for is being rescheduled. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
By registration or attendance at The Cleaner's Coach events or events at alternate locations, all registrants and/or attendees agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Cleaner's Coach, it's controlling persons, Officers, Instructors, Employees and their successors from any and all personal injury and property damage claims and resulting judgments and expenses made by or on behalf of the registrant.