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Solving Your People Puzzles

Solving Your People Puzzles

Class cost: $195.00
CLASS LOCATION: 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071
CLASS TIME: 8am to 12:30








Instructor: Bruce DeLoatch

CLASS LOCATION: 5926 Goshen Springs Rd. Norcross GA 30071

Includes: Your personality assessment, course workbook, lunch and refreshments are included. Class is limited to 20 companies, 2 per company..

Learn how to connect with customers, communicate with coworkers and coach employees by gaining a better understanding of human behavior. We are not simply businesses servicing buildings. We are people working with people, helping other people. Everything you accomplish in business and in life is determined by how you connect with other people.

Why is it that some business owners struggle to attract and keep good employees, while others seem to easily build effective teams?

Is there a way to reduce or eliminate the people problems that plague so many companies?

How can we create an atmosphere where people are driven to accomplish more, and to do it enthusiastically and creatively?

How can we become better leaders?

It all starts with an understanding of basic human behavior. You begin by uncovering your own basic personality style and how you interact with your environment.

Bruce DeLoatch, “The Cleaner’s Coach” is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, trained directly by Dr. Robert Rohm, the worlds’ leading expert on the Model of Human Behavior. Bruce will lead you step-by-step through your personal assessment to identify your unique personality style. You will learn how to recognize the personality style of other individuals and how best to connect with them. This half-day workshop will change the way you view interpersonal relationships; giving you practical insights into why people do the things they do, the way they do them. You will learn how to get results and enjoy working as a team, doing the right things the right way. There simply is no more important skill that a leader can possess than the ability to identify, understand and connect with the various personality styles of themselves and others.

Cancellation policy: Full refund if canceled more than 30 days from class date. If less than 30 days, you may move to the next class, apply tuition to any class of choice, or switch to another student to attend and no cancellation fees will apply.
On extremely rare occasions a class may need to be rescheduled. Some courses require minimum attendance, instructors may have emergencies, get sick, or other circumstances beyond our control. The Cleaner's Coach does not accept responsibility for any losses you might incur. We recommend you purchase refundable or flexible airline tickets. We will notify you in the event that a class you've registered for is being rescheduled. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
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