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IICRC WRT-Water Damage Restoration-LIVE STREAMED

IICRC WRT-Water Damage Restoration-LIVE STREAMED

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Class cost: $450.00
ADDITIONAL INFO: $20 OFF each, 3 or more. $30 off 5, $50 off 10 students
TEST FEE: IICRC test fee is $65 per student
CLASS TIME: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Eastern









Instructor: Bruce DeLoatch

Zoom webinar coordinators: Joanna DeLoatch, Eddie Compres

THE MOST interactive Live Streamed WRT course out there! This isn't another boring zoom webinar. Bruce is passionate about connecting with students and making sure they learn AND have a good time. We take you through dry out process from beginning to end. With our thermal imaging camera we show how to find the water, how to set up equipment, take moisture readings, and more!

You can take class from home or office via zoom webinar! We have put together a lively & creative class we know you'll love.

**This class is a pre-requiste to several advanced classes such as AMRT, CDS, & ASD.

'Live streamed' certification courses require each student have their own electronic device (computer, ipad, etc.) with a webcam, microphone and access to internet to stream online. The instructor must have visual interaction with the student throughout the class.
The IICRC on-line (proctor free) exam does NOT have to be done on the last day of the course. Students have up to 90 days to study & complete the course. Keep in mind, the longer you wait the more info you forget. :-)
Learn how to extract the water using different kinds of equipment, set up drying equipment, how to monitor with meters, and how to find pockets of moisture using a infrared camera all from the comfort of your home or office.

With 2 types of 'drying systems' demonstrated in our mini 'flood house', you'll learn how to set up a 'balanced' drying system. You'll also learn how to calculate the proper amount of drying equipment need to dry the job effectively.

All water damage jobs are not the same. Is it a category 1, or 2 or 3? Should remove everything or is it ok to dry it? Should you use biocides, disinfectants... and when? What is considered 'contaminated'? Learn the difference and know how to explain it.

Microbial growth. Did YOU cause it or was it pre-existing. Learn what to do and how to document it.

Something important to us.....
1,400 children die every day in developing countries from diseases caused by unclean drinking water. We decided to help! For each WRT-Water Damage student, we will donate $30 to Charity:water, enough to provide clean drinking water FOR LIFE for 1 person. Our goal is clean water for 1 person every day for the next 12 months, $10,950. If you'd like to help us reach our goal faster, you can donate as well or come to our class. Every 90 days our donations go to the field to build wells.
Private donors cover their operating costs so 100% of donations will bring clean water to people in need!! See more info, Charity:water

Cancellation policy:
Full refund if canceled more than 30 days from class date. If less than 30 days, you may move to the next class, apply tuition to any class of choice, or switch to another student to attend and no cancellation fees will apply. For 'live streamed' classes, if canceled less than 3 days before class, you may switch students but no refund or credit towards another class due to the strict number of students allowed in live streaming classes & shipping requirements for manuals. 'No show's forfeit the class fee.

On extremely rare occasions a class may need to be rescheduled. Some courses require minimum attendance, instructors may have emergencies, get sick, or other circumstances beyond our control. The Cleaner's Coach does not accept responsibility for any losses you might incur. We recommend you purchase refundable or flexible airline tickets and hotel. We will notify you in the event that a class you've registered for is being rescheduled. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
By registration or attendance at The Cleaner's Coach events or events at alternate locations, all registrants and/or attendees agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Cleaner's Coach, it's controlling persons, Officers, Instructors, Employees and their successors from any and all personal injury and property damage claims and resulting judgments and expenses made by or on behalf of the registrant.

This is how WE do Live streaming classes :-)