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PREPARING FOR CLASS- There are Live streamed classes & 'in person' classes. See below.

Start time for classes is 8:00 am. Class goes until 5:00 pm unless otherwise noted in the 'course info' tab


There is important & required info with the LIVED STREAMED certification course you registered for including the on-line exam process. To make your experience smooth and worry free, please pay special attention to the info below. :-)
'Live streamed' certification courses require each student have their own electronic device (computer, ipad, etc.) with a webcam, microphone and access to internet to stream online. The instructor must have visual interaction with the student throughout the class.
The IICRC on-line (proctor free) exam does NOT have to be done on the last day of the course. Students have up to 90 days to study & complete the course. Keep in mind, the longer you wait the more info you forget. :-)
The class manual will be shipped to you. It is required for the class. Contact us immediately if you do not have it the day before class.
Please read the requirements below carefully to ensure your understanding of the Live Stream process:
PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR EACH STUDENT. USE THIS online candidate agreement link to access the document prior to the start of any course. This will also include exam registration and payment information. Candidate agreement is also located at iicrc.org under the TOOLS tab. Students cannot attend the class without this document being filled out. Students will not be able to sit for the online exam without completing the candidate agreement form and submitting the exam fee.

Regarding the Candidate Agreement Form:

  • After completing the online candidate agreement each student will be prompted to complete the online exam registration and submit the exam fee.
  • Upon exam fee payment receipt, the IICRC will forward the student log in information for Proctor Free. (online test facility)

Regarding Proctor Free (i.e. Online Testing):

  • Students should check their inbox and spam/junk folder for an email from the IICRC -exams@iicrcnet.org - within 1-3 business days after candidate agreement submission. This email will include all information pertaining to taking the exam online with Proctor Free.
  • Proctor Free requires a computer, microphone, webcam and internet. Full technical requirements may be found here: https://proctorfree.com/technical-requirements/
  • Students must also have a valid government issued photo ID for exam access.
  • Students will have 90 days to complete the exam from the last date of the course.
  • Proctor Free online exams are single access only. Students cannot log out and then log back in.
  • Proctor Free only allows for answering test questions in sequential order. Students cannot go back and change a previously submitted answer, but they can view a previously submitted answer.

For 'in person' classes.......

Test fees are NOT included in your registration for IICRC Certification classes. Test fees are payable to IICRC and turned in with exam.Credit card or check accepted. IICRC test fees are $65 for all classes except AMRT is $150. If attending the EPA Lead RRP class, test fee is included with registration.

Our goal is to have everyone pass the exam. If you have any reading or learning difficulties, please let us know
ahead of time or at the beginning of class. We can discreetly make special arrangements and are happy to do so.

Yummy muffins or pastries in the morning, an over abundance at lunchtime, & drinks and snacks throughout the day are included. If you have any food allergies or special diet, please let us know so arrangements can be made.

The classroom is kept on the 'cool' side so if you're cold natured, please bring a sweater or jacket. Most classes have 'hands-on' so dress accordingly. If wearing 'flip-flops' or high heels, please bring a change of shoes for the 'hands-on' demonstrations.


Click below for study guide info. Please note, some classes may not have study info available

Study info